4th International Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychosomatic Basic Care and Family Medicine (November 2017)

This three-day scientific conference aimed to develop psychosomatic medical studies in Iran, outline the role of family physicians in the prevention and treatment of psychosomatic disorders, determine the scope of psychosomatic services in family medicine, teach the basics of psychosomatic research and treatment and develop national and international cooperation in this context. In this conference, various lectures were given by domestic and foreign professors on various approaches to integrating psychosomatic care in the health system, history and philosophy of family medical approaches in the Iranian health service delivery system and basic psychosomatic skills for family physicians. The lectures “The Plan of Basic Psychosomatic Care in the Family Physician” and “History and Context of Diagnostic Thinking” were also given by Dr. Carl Edward Scheit and Dr. Tom Loweld, lecturers at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Several scientific workshops on the topics of family assessment tools in health care, hypnosis in pain control, basics of assessment and treatment of psychodermatology, psychosomatic medicine and Iranian medicine, bioenergy economics and psychosomatic health, cultural challenges in breaking bad news, hypnotherapy of functional neurological disorders and Do’s and Don’ts in the management of panic patients was held at this gathering. The conference was organized by the Psychosomatic Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, Social Medicine, and Family Medicine of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and the Scientific Research Institute of Danesh-e-Tandorosti in collaboration with the University of Freiburg and a number of other scientific and research centers inside and outside the country.